28 July 2008

The Heart of the Season

So to get back to the story of why I am in love with the blustering season......

After the exciting countdowns to my beloved Rockies comes the count to Mastercard, Visa and American Express' most used month in the calendar. You start December 1st wondering where the time went. Then, by December 10th, the panic starts to settle. Your list of shopping grows as you slowly remember all of the people who have helped you since the Christmas lights came down a little more than 10 months ago. 

Where do you start? How many hours do you have left? Did you remember to send that card to your son's hockey coach? 

Through all of the panic and stress, I don't know a single person that can forget the true meaning of the holiday. From the day in early December to set up the tree, to the freezing day in January to take down the lights on the roof, Christmas is always dedicated to spending time with loved ones. 

I do have to admit one thing though. Although I consider myself to be a generous person, my favorite time of this month-long holiday always seems to be Christmas day. The moment when all of the presents are open, and we get to sort through our loot. Watch the blockbuster that you got in your stocking, organize and import songs to your iTunes and transfer to the iPhone that your Dad so wonderfully worked 8 overtime shifts for, or help your mom enter contacts into her new cell phone that she can't even manage to turn on! 

Even though I have been a shiftworker, a student, a retail cashier and a devoted team member, I would gladly 'tough' the holiday season blues of crowded stores, long lines and empty bank accounts to be guaranteed one full day to spend with my favorite people in the world; my family. 

What is your favorite pastime of this Joyous occasion?


Rhonda said...

My very favorite Christmas, we opened presents Christmas morning and then headed out to Gibbons for crepes at a friend's house. It is the only time in YEARS that I have done something by choice and not obligation. From Christmas Eve to Boxing Day, I am expected to be certain places, stay so long, and it almost feels like forced merriment to me.
But that one Christmas, two years ago, now THAT was fun!

Rhonda said...

Ahem...It's been five days. You don't come to see me anymore. You don't write. Is there trouble in paradise that I'm not aware of? Sigh.

I miss you.