05 November 2009

B is for Bull; S is for Science

So it has been a while (a year plus a month or two to be more precise) since I have added any words into my fancy blogsite. I don't know if this will become a contonuous thing, or just my yearly entry, but this was too good not to post!

I found this Q&A in a snowbording magazine I found. Not too sure the relevance it holds to the "Fall 2009" title of the monthly glossy-paged book, but it was apealing enough for me to share with you:

Q: Snowboarders appear to all be incredibly good-looking people. Does this fact have anything to do with time travel?

A: Yes, it does! In fact, there used to be a very substantial percentage of ugly people that snowboarded. There were inexplicably hideous, and they did not like cheesecake. Then, in the original 2003, a Norwegian snowboarder who's first name was Sondre and who's favorite food was sandwiches, travelled back to 1931 where he, using science, created something that would naturally divert ugly people away from snowboarding. He invented skiing.

Thank you to Snowboard Canada and Robjn Taylor for this amusing snippet.

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