25 July 2008

To my favorite typist

Took a photo of a bird in flight, but it appeared to be all blurry,
Then again the one with wings had been in quite a hurry.

Couldn't be me - I contemplated, eyeing up the settings,
A pro am I there is no doubt - from nature shots to weddings.

Aperture, shutter, manual and that trusty Dummy Mode,
Yes indeed - I've mastered them all, the entire mother load.

Next I took a photo of a hawk, but somehow it proved quite dark,
As did the three geese, the bright sun overhead and the meadowlark.

I fumbled with my numbers, bumped up the old F-stop,
And then I clicked until I'd shot a totally different crop.

But now the photos are too light, compliments of the sun,
This imperfect lighting is ruining my photographic fun.

Cranking up the ISO I aimed and shot again,
A barn, an owl, a goat - and then a few pans.

An hour later my computer held the shots from the day,
I gasped out loud in shock, my nerves in a horrible way,

For not a single shot was sharp, or nice - or even good.
Then in a twinkling, it was that I suddenly understood....

This goof was not my goof in any way I can declare,
Blame it on the camera, for that is only fair....
-Sky Taylor

Rhonda, Rhonda, Rhonda....

thank you for the shout outs. Just for that, I have a special work present for you. Has something to do with talking. When you are here next you have to remind me to tell you the news! (Ok, I had this worked out before the shout out, but things seem to be working in my favor today!

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Rhonda said...

Gasp! Am I getting a phone???

Cool poem by the way! And yes, it is ALWAYS the camera's fault! lol