22 July 2008

Canada Rules!

So, I know that I told you that I would write about the most exciting countdown, but that will have to wait another day.

Firstly, and most importantly is the roll out of the new Canadian quarter. Could this be true?? Am I first in line to rule the world next? I think the Royal Canadian Mint is hinting just that!Now I know this seems a little small, like maybe they should have printed this image on a thousand dollar bill, but baby steps people! BABY STEPS! To be brutally honest, I believe that they picked the best coin to portray one of Canadian young adults fastest growing sports.

Just think about it..... if it were on a penny, you would find them littered all over the streets. Not even a student would bend down to pick that up!

A nickel? Isn't that also one of the coins that you immediately send to the coin tray on the dresser, never to be seen again until you are in desparate need of that witner vacation? Maybe a few more dollars rolled and cashed in might be the perfect addition to the pocket book of the tropical bartender?

Now, the only other domination that precedes the quarter is the lonely dime. The smallest of the Canadian coins, it is commonly taken for granted. It is worth a whopping 10 pennies or 2 nickels. However, picturing one of my hero riders on a dime doesn't exactly make my feet shuffle in excitment. Why? It's just too small. Would you be able to tell that he had one plank strapped to his feet compared to two? Would you be able to tell that he's wearing the brand new White Collection pants just released a month ago? Could you see the huge grin on his face from landing the perfect backside 9, and in mid air of his next trick.... so close to a perfect run? Probably not!

Not that a quarter is sooo much bigger, but the reality of my dream on a $1000 bill isn't too efficient...... how many of you have one in your pocket as you read this?


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