05 November 2009

B is for Bull; S is for Science

So it has been a while (a year plus a month or two to be more precise) since I have added any words into my fancy blogsite. I don't know if this will become a contonuous thing, or just my yearly entry, but this was too good not to post!

I found this Q&A in a snowbording magazine I found. Not too sure the relevance it holds to the "Fall 2009" title of the monthly glossy-paged book, but it was apealing enough for me to share with you:

Q: Snowboarders appear to all be incredibly good-looking people. Does this fact have anything to do with time travel?

A: Yes, it does! In fact, there used to be a very substantial percentage of ugly people that snowboarded. There were inexplicably hideous, and they did not like cheesecake. Then, in the original 2003, a Norwegian snowboarder who's first name was Sondre and who's favorite food was sandwiches, travelled back to 1931 where he, using science, created something that would naturally divert ugly people away from snowboarding. He invented skiing.

Thank you to Snowboard Canada and Robjn Taylor for this amusing snippet.

28 July 2008

The Heart of the Season

So to get back to the story of why I am in love with the blustering season......

After the exciting countdowns to my beloved Rockies comes the count to Mastercard, Visa and American Express' most used month in the calendar. You start December 1st wondering where the time went. Then, by December 10th, the panic starts to settle. Your list of shopping grows as you slowly remember all of the people who have helped you since the Christmas lights came down a little more than 10 months ago. 

Where do you start? How many hours do you have left? Did you remember to send that card to your son's hockey coach? 

Through all of the panic and stress, I don't know a single person that can forget the true meaning of the holiday. From the day in early December to set up the tree, to the freezing day in January to take down the lights on the roof, Christmas is always dedicated to spending time with loved ones. 

I do have to admit one thing though. Although I consider myself to be a generous person, my favorite time of this month-long holiday always seems to be Christmas day. The moment when all of the presents are open, and we get to sort through our loot. Watch the blockbuster that you got in your stocking, organize and import songs to your iTunes and transfer to the iPhone that your Dad so wonderfully worked 8 overtime shifts for, or help your mom enter contacts into her new cell phone that she can't even manage to turn on! 

Even though I have been a shiftworker, a student, a retail cashier and a devoted team member, I would gladly 'tough' the holiday season blues of crowded stores, long lines and empty bank accounts to be guaranteed one full day to spend with my favorite people in the world; my family. 

What is your favorite pastime of this Joyous occasion?

25 July 2008

To my favorite typist

Took a photo of a bird in flight, but it appeared to be all blurry,
Then again the one with wings had been in quite a hurry.

Couldn't be me - I contemplated, eyeing up the settings,
A pro am I there is no doubt - from nature shots to weddings.

Aperture, shutter, manual and that trusty Dummy Mode,
Yes indeed - I've mastered them all, the entire mother load.

Next I took a photo of a hawk, but somehow it proved quite dark,
As did the three geese, the bright sun overhead and the meadowlark.

I fumbled with my numbers, bumped up the old F-stop,
And then I clicked until I'd shot a totally different crop.

But now the photos are too light, compliments of the sun,
This imperfect lighting is ruining my photographic fun.

Cranking up the ISO I aimed and shot again,
A barn, an owl, a goat - and then a few pans.

An hour later my computer held the shots from the day,
I gasped out loud in shock, my nerves in a horrible way,

For not a single shot was sharp, or nice - or even good.
Then in a twinkling, it was that I suddenly understood....

This goof was not my goof in any way I can declare,
Blame it on the camera, for that is only fair....
-Sky Taylor

Rhonda, Rhonda, Rhonda....

thank you for the shout outs. Just for that, I have a special work present for you. Has something to do with talking. When you are here next you have to remind me to tell you the news! (Ok, I had this worked out before the shout out, but things seem to be working in my favor today!

22 July 2008

Canada Rules!

So, I know that I told you that I would write about the most exciting countdown, but that will have to wait another day.

Firstly, and most importantly is the roll out of the new Canadian quarter. Could this be true?? Am I first in line to rule the world next? I think the Royal Canadian Mint is hinting just that!Now I know this seems a little small, like maybe they should have printed this image on a thousand dollar bill, but baby steps people! BABY STEPS! To be brutally honest, I believe that they picked the best coin to portray one of Canadian young adults fastest growing sports.

Just think about it..... if it were on a penny, you would find them littered all over the streets. Not even a student would bend down to pick that up!

A nickel? Isn't that also one of the coins that you immediately send to the coin tray on the dresser, never to be seen again until you are in desparate need of that witner vacation? Maybe a few more dollars rolled and cashed in might be the perfect addition to the pocket book of the tropical bartender?

Now, the only other domination that precedes the quarter is the lonely dime. The smallest of the Canadian coins, it is commonly taken for granted. It is worth a whopping 10 pennies or 2 nickels. However, picturing one of my hero riders on a dime doesn't exactly make my feet shuffle in excitment. Why? It's just too small. Would you be able to tell that he had one plank strapped to his feet compared to two? Would you be able to tell that he's wearing the brand new White Collection pants just released a month ago? Could you see the huge grin on his face from landing the perfect backside 9, and in mid air of his next trick.... so close to a perfect run? Probably not!

Not that a quarter is sooo much bigger, but the reality of my dream on a $1000 bill isn't too efficient...... how many of you have one in your pocket as you read this?


19 July 2008

After the first snow fall

This is the time of the year that all of the countdowns begin. First: the countdown of the first day trip to the mountains. Then, the countdown to the first vacation to the mountains. Shortly after, the countdown to the first trick landed of the year.... and in a perfect world... this would all happen within a couple of days.

The first trip to the mountains is usually to my favorite mountain in Alberta: Marmot Basin in Jasper. I know what you are thinking..... 'Jasper?? Really?' but here it is:

Jasper is where I learnt to snow surf. Spending countless hours pushing myself up and quickly letting gravity take it's course, that abnormally large mound of rock, ice, snow and trees has treated me well. A quick 3.5 hour drive down the Yellowhead, a stop or two at the same Tim Horton's stops every trip, and maybe a breakfast at the truck stop in Hinton, it always has been my favorite winter road trip.

A recently added favorite destination for the adrenaline of 180's and pseudo cliff drops is the POWDER-FULL Revelstoke Mountain Resort. A music-packed 3 hours in a car with 3 other Panorama employees will teach you to venture out to new resorts every now and then. From the foot of powder that lie on the mountain-top to the cotton candy trees that line the ski-area boundary, this place is like heaven! However, waiting 15 years to see the reality of their future vision? 4 peaks tells me that the impatient person that I am will have to learn to appreciate the suspense and still pay the low $56 per visit to check out their progress.

Another new venture this year was to the ever popular Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. 2 songs, and a death-defying jaunt up the mountain from the town of Golden will get you to this spectacular set up. One gondola ride will take you to the peak of the mountain where you have your choice of 3 bowls to reach the bottom again. If you so desire, a hike along one of the ridges, and you can ride a little more challenging terrain, but I definately DO NOT suggest this if it is snowing, blowing, and a white out at the summit. For the beginner riders, a 13km green run will safely direct you to the chalet. But be careful for the skiiers, they tend to stick to the green run........ and poles flailing about could be a safety hazard if you are too busy looking at the gorgeous scenery!

Next, the one of the most popular countdowns seems to always creep up on me.......

17 July 2008


Hello everyone, and welcome!

Since the big bosses so nicely decided to block facebook, I have decided to go a different route to cure my ADHD during normal business hours!

To begin, My name is Sarah. I have lived in the Edmonton area my whole life, and would never move east of here..... why?......

Mountains Mountains Mountains!

If you know me at all, you know my few passions!

Today, we start with winter. Here you all go gagging and rolling your eyes. Is it really necessary to slide, stick and sweat during a long day in the office? You then proceed to fall into a sweltering car and inch through the daily cram of cars only to arrive home an hour later to make dinner, watch the long awaited hour of Big Brother and then climb into bed to do it all again the next day. I'm well aware of the downsides of the cold blowy months, but there are simply more advantages to this hated season than people are lead to believe.

Lets see..... First we start with a beautiful season which changes the color of our world. The yellows, reds, oranges and who can forget the browns. I once had a friend tell me that her favorite color is brown because she felt bad that it is so un-loved.

Then comes Halloween. If it wasn't frowned upon to be a 25 year old gum-ball machine and run from door to door to collect free sugar out of the hands of overworked and underpaid parents, who wouldn't choose this social activity for one night per year?

Shortly after that is the BEST day of the year. You climb out of your toasty covers, get ready for your never-ending day, and open the door to face another 24 hours! Just as the hinges creek open, you get a glimpse of the white driveway that lays ahead of you. Ideas start filling your head of what to do next.... make a snowangel, have a snowball fight with the neighbor that you have just never understood, or spend an hour trying to find the snowboard that you have hidden in the back of your closet to quit reminding you that this day will never come! Nope. Instead you all dwell on how long it will take you to warm up the car, brush it off, get to where you need to be through all of the accidents, and regret buying that house with the corner lot that you HAVE to shovel when you get home as the mailman's broken wrist still hates you from last winter.

It's not over yet, but I have work to do...........